08 AUGUST 2014

Got back to school about 3 weeks ago, pretty much no time to do anything since I've got loaded classes. Consider me dead until December save for a few uploads here and there.

22 MAY 2014

Finally out of school for the summer! I'll probably be drawing a lot more. Or a lot less, considering I do most of my drawing at school. Like the status suggests, I have a lot of fucking freetime, at least until next month. Hit me up with requests if you have any!

17 MAY 2014

New theme to replace the old gross one! Let me know if anything looks off.

I probably won't be able to scan and post drawings until at least after finals week next week, and even then I still have some things to do/catch up on. I'll start posting again once I've started to free up more time.


yanderetohzuki answered your post: i started drawing slaine’s face on a w…

the suit is always the best id- asseylum’s dress


i started drawing slaine’s face on a whim but now i don’t know what outfit to put him in

quick someone pick something



hey hey

you should…

send me drawing requests…

- =͟͟͞͞ ( ꒪౪꒪)ฅ✧


batslaine and inaorange

another day of accomplishing nothing

just realized 90% of what i’ve drawn this past month have been of these two…

thinking of posting my school sketches weekly or something so this blog doesn’t die out every time classes start

I’m not 100% certain when I’ll be able to do more finished work since the stress is getting in the way of even my hobbies but I feel kinda bad for letting this place collect dust so often

obscurelytainted asked: hello! i'm just kinda messaging you to point out my icon- i feel bad because i probably should have asked sooner, but is it okay if i continue using your art as my profile pic? i'm working on my own now, but because of school starting tomorrow, i probably won't finish for a while. until then, i'd be eternally grateful if you'd let me use it... thank you either way!

yeah, that’s totally fine! I’m actually kinda flattered that someone would use my art as an icon haha


this took way longer than i thought it would

the .sai file for this has been missing for a year and a half and i just found it and finally finished it today it’s a christmas miracle

stares at follower count

stares at all this gore i’m drawing right now

apron theme for the yowapeda 69min

more wips wwyeahaahah

im posting the lines for this now even though a lot of details are missing because i like how it is and im too scared to do anything else with it let alone figure out how to color it lmao

so i’m not sure when i’ll finish it